Shaved Ice Blade Sharpening – Info


Blade sharpening Price: $6.00 per blade.

Ship blades to:
Leon Davis
PO Box 6065
West Columbia, SC 29171

Please  20131205_57 me with blade type, quantity and ship date. This lets me know they are on the way.

I will inspect the blades and any blades that cannot be sharpened I will return with sharpened blades or dispose of them, your option.
When sharpening is completed I will email you an Invoice with the cost of sharpening and return shipping.
Also if you wish to insure blades on return shipping let me know amount and it will be added to invoice.

When the Invoice has been payed, I will ship the blades back to you. (I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover)
Thank you for your business.

Blade Shipping Container Info

The bubble envelope is good for about 2 – 4 blades, make sure to wrap blades, shipped first class mail

The Priority Small Flat Rate Box is a well made box and holds up to about 10 or more at a good price about 7.00 shipping.
Should be able to pick up a couple from post office at no charge.

Misc Blade information

Rusty blades should not be used to shave ice for human consumption, they should be replaced with new blades from the manufacturer or distributor of your machine.

When sharpening blades only the edge of the blade is sharpened. If the edge has a buildup of misc. material, rust, chips, the blade edge will be pitted and unable to be sharpened properly.

Lightly rusted blades can sometimes be cleaned with fine steel wool after soaking overnight in Apple Cider Vinegar.

:idea: Wipe all blades down with a clean cloth and coat the blade with some mineral oil so it stays sharp and rust free. Good advice from William of  Shave Ice Supplies